In Memory of Cynthia Rosedale

Cynthia Rosedale

In 1992, Cynthia found her passion, when she brought the Senior Olympics program to Pasadena. For twenty-two years she ran that program, now known as the Pasadena Senior Games. Athletes train year round, and Cynthia devoted time year round to making sure everything ran smoothly. In 2014, about 2,200 athletes converged on Pasadena for the state championship games. California championships will again be held here in 2017, from early May into June. Athletes compete in more than 20 individual and team sports, from track and field to table tennis to volleyball and archery. One women’s world record holder in track and field trains at the Senior Center (“Because it’s the best deal in town!” said Cynthia.)

When she talked about the Senior Games, Cynthia’s lively eyes lit up. “There’s no other job where you can have 1,600 best friends. It’s like we’re family once a year; it’s absolutely unconditional. Some of these people I’ve known since 1992.” Those relationships, many of them burnished by the years, are what Cynthia cherished most about her work at the Senior Center. “Buildings are just bricks and mortar, but people are special.”

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