How to Stop the Elderly Suicide Epidemic

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Depression smIs suicide in elderly populations a major concern?

Yes, it’s a huge concern. It must be better addressed.
Adults aged 65 and older have a high rate of suicide. Those 85 and older have the highest rate of suicide among adults. This may come as a surprise to many people. While great steps have already been taken to help seniors, I believe we can do more.

New Medicare Cards Coming to Californians April – June 2018

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Medicare CardsThe Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will mail new Medicare cards to all Medicare beneficiaries to help protect people from identity fraud. In California, your cards will arrive between April and June. Fraudsters are always looking for ways to get people’s Social Security Numbers (SSNs) so Medicare is removing SSNs from all Medicare cards to make them safer.

Your new card will have a new Medicare Number that’s unique to you. The new card will help protect your identity and keep your personal information more secure. Your Medicare coverage and benefits stay the same.

celebrations give us opportunities to step back and enjoy

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Written by Akila Gibbs July 2014

IMG 5764 CopyI’ve been thinking a lot about “celebration” lately because everywhere, Pasadena is busy marking anniversaries: the Showcase House is celebrating its 50th year; the Pasadena Public Library its 130th; and the Rose Bowl recently celebrated its 100th game played.

Anyone who knows me knows I believe in celebrating every milestone, noting every anniversary, honoring rituals, and creating meaningful ceremonies to mark special occasions.

Never Give Up on Your Dreams

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Written by Akila Gibbs April 2014

Fotolia 7132488 MSpringtime is here! I can tell from the purple blur of Pasadena’s famed jacaranda trees that I see every day as I drive around the city and make my way to the Center. While this season is a time of rebirth filled with the promise of the future, I find that the older I get, the more I appreciate the path I’ve walked and lessons of key people in my life who have influenced my core values.

New Years Resolutions

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Written by Akila Gibbs November 2013

AKila HomeAs I look over my list of New Year’s resolutions, I sigh when I spot the usual ones from years past (eat healthier, exercise more, lose weight), but I perk right up when I see a new one that I added this year: Create New Stories. I was inspired by one of our classes at the Pasadena Senior Center, “The Art of Storytelling,” that meets Fridays. When I attended the class recently, I heard some wonderful stories, true and fantasy, from our members, and it made me think about what stories I like to tell.

Moved by this Act of Giving

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Written by Akila Gibbs November 2013

Gift of givingOne recent morning, I arrived at my office and found that someone had slipped something under the door. When I opened the envelope, there were two one-dollar bills and a note saying, “I love the Senior Center. I wish I could give more.” Because there was no name on the envelope or the note, I wasn’t able to express my thanks directly, but I was moved by this act of giving, and it meant so much to me.


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Written by Akila Gibbs in July 2013

DSC 0072I was walking the halls of the senior center a couple of weeks ago when I heard music and the sound of feet moving across the floor of the dance studio. It was coming from a folk dancing class – one of the most popular classes at the Center. During the eight-week summer session, students spin and twirl their way through dances from 16 countries. As I opened the door, several seniors were on their feet, moving to the beat of Latin rhythms while practicing Mexican Folk dancing.

Whoever came up with the phase, “the lazy days of summer” didn’t have the Pasadena Senior Center in mind.

To The Men and Women Who Give Their Time,Talent and Hard Work to PSC

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Written by Akila Gibbs in April 2013

MURIEL ROZELLI was in my office last week working on a birthday surprise for one of our members who is also a dear friend. I realized that I needed something to light the candle on her cupcake. I asked one staff member after another where I could find a lighter and no one seemed to know where it was. Suddenly, I thought, “Muriel would know…”


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Written by Akila Gibbs January 2018

Cover Photo CROPPED 2The New Year begins and I find myself thinking about how lucky our Center is to have strong community support. Whether in our growing membership and volunteer rosters or in reaching ambitious fundraising goals, our neighborhood responds in a big way.

The Center recently held its annual “Zest” gala, which raises money for the Center to continue and expand its service offerings. Non-profit organizations, like the Center, operate differently than a business in that any surplus revenue is put back into our budget rather than distributing it as income to shareholders.

What this means is that donors, whether they give $3 or $1,000, can rest assured that the money they give to the Center directly translates into supporting the programs that bring more than 10,000 seniors annually through our doors.

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