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Masters Series, an adult education program of the Pasadena Senior Center, is designed to increase understanding of national and international issues, the arts, other cultures, the community, and the individual. With a focus on “understanding,” courses are presented by local university faculty and experts. Each term provides a wonderful opportunity for learning and discussion.

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Exploring the Written World

Spring Term of the Masters Series

Whole 8 Week Series: $105
Individual Lecture: $15


Words take on a unique poWer when written down. From the dawn of writing 5,000 years ago to Twitter today, the written word has had an ability to unite and divide us in extraordinary ways. In this series you will learn more about one current-day author’s challenges and the steps in his journey to self-publish a novel. Then you will be able to contrast that with the Victorian era’s system referred to as “numbers,” a system of a monthly installment used by the likes of writers such as Charles Dickens. You will have the opportunity to learn about J. Paul Getty Museum’s recent exhibition Artful Words: Calligraphy in Illuminated Manuscripts. Complete your look into the power of the written word with an examination of the Huntington Library’s rare copy of the Gutenberg Bible, and how it changed the face of publishing. Join us for all this and more!

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Bryan Keene

April 23

A Brief art History of the Written Word

Bryan C. Keene, associate Curator of Manuscripts at the J. paul Getty Museum and will discuss the recent exhibition artful Words: Calligraphy in illuminated Manuscripts. He will also speak about global calligraphic cultures during the medieval period.

Bryan C. Keene, PhD- Associate Curator of Manuscripts, J. Paul Getty Museum

Gloria Kondrup

April 30

Graphics and the Written Word

Gloria Kondrup, Professor & Executive Director, Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography at artCenter College of Design explores the use of typeface and letterforms in art and design.

Gloria Kondrup - Professor & Executive Director, Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography at ArtCenter College of Design

Claudia Funke

May 7

Printing and the Gutenberg Bible

Chief Curator and associate Director of Library Collections at the Huntington Library, Claudia Funke will talk about the Library’s rare copy of the Gutenberg Bible, and how the printing process that created it changed the face of publishing.

Claudia Funke - Chief Curator and Associate Director of Library Collections, Huntington Library

Jennifer Cool

May 14

Written Communication in the Internet Age

The effect of the Internet and Social Media on language will be covered by social anthropologist and ethnographic filmmaker Jennifer Cool, assistant Professor of anthropology at USC.

Jennifer Cool - Filmmaker and Assistant Professor of Anthropology, USC

Matthew Dillon

May 21

The Evolution of Writing

Greek and Latin scholar and archeologist Professor Matthew Dillon of Loyola Marymount’s Department of Classics and Archeology addresses writing in ancient times.

Matthew Dillon - Professor, Dept. of Classics and Archeology, Loyola Marymount University

Bill Boyarsky

May 28

Does Anyone Read Newspapers Anymore, and Do They Have a Future?

Veteran political writer, featured columnist, and former Los angeles Times City editor Bill Boyarsky talks about the future of newspapers. a member of reporting teams that won three pulitzer prizes, he has authored several books and is active as a political columnist for the web sites truthdig and La observed and a contributor to the uCLa Luskin school magazine Blueprint.

Bill Boyarsky - political writer, featured journalist, and former city editor, Los Angeles Times

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