Computer Workshops

All Things Apple - the Mac OS Desktop
Whether you have a Mac Mini, a MacBook Laptop or an iMac Desktop machine, all will be able to benefit from this class. We will be using Kevin Wilson’s eBook titled “Essential Mac OS Sierra Edition,” which can be found in Apple’s App Store for $2.99. Once you have downloaded it we will use it to cover its 172 pages to get the most out of your machine regardless of your level of experience; starting from how to properly install an OS to some fabulous productivity features. You are encouraged to bring your Mac Laptops if you have one, but it is not mandatory. Your instructor will bring his own 27” iMac to class for all demonstrations.
Instructor: David Whitby

Computer (Beginner)
Two- and three-week workshops designed for beginners cover the basics of Windows, Microsoft Word and Excel.
Instructors: Don Chubbuck & Edison Samuel

Computer (Advanced Beginner)
Two- and three-week workshops will cover advanced work with Word and Excel.
Instructors: Don Chubbuck & Edison Samuel


Ballroom Dancing
This class will cover the most popular club dances: Rumba and Waltz. Rumba, known as the “dance of love,” is a great dance to learn because it is one of the most popular and flexible of ballroom dances. Because the Rumba can be danced to a wide variety of music, it has been referred to as the “Swiss Army Knife” of ballroom dancing. Students who learn the Rumba will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy dancing it.

Waltz is very popular dance with a long history dating back to Germany and Austria. Waltz is characterized by a smooth gliding look, which gives it an elegant gracefulness and a romantic feel.

Students will learn the basic patterns and character of each dance, as well as how to recognize the music. They will learn the basics of leading and following and develop timing and rhythm. At the end of this series of classes, students should feel comfortable dancing through an entire song at parties and weddings.

Your instructor Tony Plasil has been dancing most of his life. He has danced in competitions and performed in dance showcases. After he retired as the head of technology for an investment firm, Tony decided to start a new career as a ballroom dance instructor. He undertook intense teacher training to become a certified dance instructor. He teaches group classes and gives private lessons.
Instructor: Tony Plasil

International Folk Dance
Exercise your mind and your body to beautiful music from many countries, including Colombia, Romania, Taiwan, Greece, Turkey, Israel, and the U.S. Popular dances with varying degrees of difficulty will be repeated throughout the ten-week course. Wear comfortable shoes. No dance experience or partner necessary; dance at your own level with friendly people.
Instructors: Pat Cross & Don Krotser

Tap (Beginner)
Students will learn the art of tap dancing as first performed on the silver screen. No previous experience necessary.
Instructor: Pam Kay

Tap (Intermediate)
For students who want to push the boundaries of various tap styles.
Instructor: Pam Kay

Zumba Gold
Zumba Gold is a fitness program designed to take the exciting Latin and international dance rhythms of Zumba and bring them to the active older adult. This exhilarating program is so easy to follow that people of any age can enjoy it.
Instructor: Kristen Cunningham


Arthritis Exercise
Instructors will lead you through a fitness routine designed to help you maintain mobility and physical fitness. You will do a range of motion, balance, and weight bearing exercises, stretching, and a short aerobic portion. We request that you bring a set of 1 lb. weights and wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. Some exercises will be conducted while sitting in chairs and some while standing.
Instructor: Wanda Nelson

Bellyfit Sage
Bellyfit Sage™ is a holistic fitness class for women that combines easy to learn cardio moves from Belly Dance, East Indian, Polynesian and African Dance with the sculpting and toning of a Pilates inspired core workout, done seated. The class includes a deep, relaxing Yoga inspired stretch and meditation. Bellyfit Sage™ offers an extraordinary workout in a safe, effective group format guaranteed to satisfy women’s desire to feel beautiful, strong and healthy. You will feel better, inside and out! Wear comfortable workout clothes with sneakers and bring a towel and water.
Instructor: Kristen Cunningham

Chair Aerobics
This course offers a combination of low-impact and chair aerobics and the use of weights. Participants will tone their muscles and increase flexibility.
Instructor: Lou Edwards

Pep Up Your Life
Designed to improve strength, balance and flexibility, this introductory level class will improve the way you feel about your health and body, while increasing muscle mass and bone density. Participants work at their own pace and within their own comfort range. Pep Up Your Life is taught by students from the Department of Kinesiology and Nutritional Science at California State University, Los Angeles. NOTE: Space is limited to 15 students per class.
Instructors: John Araujo, Donald Milares & Camille Navata – NEW

Pilates improves strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination through an effective mind and body workout. The program focuses on the core postural muscles, which help keep the body balanced and are essential to providing support for the spine. Pilates exercises teach awareness of breath and alignment of the spine, and strengthen the torso muscles. It is highly versatile for meeting people’s different needs, including those who are deconditioned or post-rehabilitation.
Instructor: Monica Blake

Strength Training
This program uses a combination of strength training, cardio and extensive work on Nautilus equipment to meet your individual needs. Appointments with the instructor prior to registration are required. Trainer Leslie Lollar is available Mondays and Thursdays from 11:00 a.m. to noon in the Sy Graff Fitness Center.
Instructor: Leslie Lollar

Table Tennis
Instructional and recreational play. $6, payable at the door.
Instructor: Diego Schaaf

Tai Chi (Beginner)
Beginner Tai Chi will teach you the basic concept and theory of Tai Chi to enhance your physical and spiritual well-being. Come find out why Tai Chi is considered one of the greatest treasures of China.
Instructor: Irene Yung

Tai Chi (Intermediate)
The intermediate class is designed for those who are one step up from Beginner Tai Chi, but feel they are not ready for the 108 movements required for Advanced Tai Chi. This class continues to focus on balance and coordination. Previous Tai Chi classes are recommended, but not required.
Instructor: Irene Yung

Tai Chi (Advanced)
Advanced Tai Chi is a relaxing, non-strenuous exercise that develops the body and mind. Tai Chi focuses on balance through the coordination of the muscular, skeletal and cardiovascular systems. Tai Chi may help prevent osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, poor circulation, and cardiovascular problems.
Instructor: Irene Yung

Yoga is valuable for everyone: the young, the old, beginners, and advanced practitioners. Each student proceeds at his or her own pace. Yoga’s emphasis is on the precise alignment of the body in the asanas (poses) and the careful sequencing and timings of the asanas.
Instructor: Margie Rosenblum

Yoga (Evening Class)
Yoga is a powerful antidote to the stresses of modern day life. It is a practical philosophy that unites the body, mind and spirit for health and fulfillment. Yoga works on all bodily systems, tones the muscles, increases flexibility and stimulates circulation. The benefits are not merely physical. It has the power to calm the mind, increase your concentration and enhance the ability to cope with tension.
Instructor: Brad Smith

BollyX LIT (Low Impact Training)
BollyX is a Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program that combines dynamic choreography with the hottest music from around the world. The 50-minute cardio workout cycles between higher and lower-intensity dance sequences to get you moving, sweating, and motivated all at the same time. At the very core of a BollyX workout is the inspiration it draws from the music and dance of Bollywood, the film industry of India. The BollyX LIT (Low Impact Training) program has all the same energy and swag as the original BollyX format but without high impact dance movements. This format was designed for individuals who love to dance and prefer or need low impact choreography. No prior dance experience is required—just a positive attitude and the desire to unleash your inner swagger! Improve your coordination and mind-body awareness, and come join us on the “movie set” as you unleash your inner rock star LIT-style.
Instructor: Richa Jauhari

Hobbies & Special Interests

The Alexander Technique
Would you like to feel livelier, achieve more balance and think more clearly? If so, join the Alexander Technique class to become more self-aware and work on breaking subconscious habits that get in the way of optimal functioning. The Alexander Technique explains the underlying principles that govern human movement.
Instructor: Barbara Kaufman

The Art and Fun of Sewing
Large work tables, sewing machines and irons are provided so you can learn sewing in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Beginning and advanced students are welcome to this fun course that is geared to the individual student. Beginners: If you have never picked up a needle and thread, but need to mend clothing or would like to make a garment, this class will teach you the fundamentals to do the job. Advanced: Learn new construction techniques, how to handle difficult fabrics, create your own designs and achieve a good personal fit.
Instructor: Marilyn Zammit

Art of Deep Critique
This class concentrates on teaching critical thinking, reading, and critiquing of the students’ written texts, poetry or prose. All students read their work and the group critiques the content, style, and techniques used, offering suggestions for improvement. The goal is preparing the final text for public reading and publishing, or the goal that the particular student wishes to accomplish. Teaching takes place for specific cases when and where necessary.
Instructor: Mira Mataric

Creative Writing
Everyone has a story to tell, but these days, no one has time to listen. In this class, you will learn to write poems, biographies, memoirs, novels, and more that will get noticed. You’ll find that self-expression can be fun, and you’ll receive constructive criticism in a supportive and friendly environment.
Instructor: Mira Mataric

English Conversation
You are invited to practice intermediate-level English conversation. Discuss current global issues with other students and the instructor. Learn spoken U.S. English pronunciation and idioms. The class also covers some grammar and writing skills. NOTE: This FREE class is limited to 20 students.
Instructor: Mark Manz

French I (Beginner)
This class is for people who are brand new to the language, or have forgotten all they have learned before. Specifically, introducing oneself, basic expressions for tourists, the alphabet, numbers, a few key irregular verbs and the present tense of the first conjugation regular verbs will be studied.
Instructor: Teresa Cortey

French I (Intermediate)
For those who completed the fall session of Beginning French/French I or are simply comfortable at this level. Specifically, the three regular conjugations of the present tense, the future, and two past tenses (the passé composé and the imparfait) will be studied. More irregular conjugations and object pronouns will be introduced.
Instructor: Teresa Cortey

French I (Advanced)
A continuation of the current Intermediate French, that is, study of the past tenses, the future, pronouns, continued practice in conversation, exposure to French songs, and continued focus on French culture.
Instructor: Teresa Cortey

French II (Advanced)
A continuation of Advanced French I, including the study of the conditional tenses, the subjunctive mode, the literary tenses, introduction to French literature with continued practice in conversation, exposure to French songs, and continued focus on French culture.
: Teresa Cortey

German for Beginners: NEW
Do you want to learn German and the German culture in an easy simple way? Then this class is for you! We will learn simple grammar, everyday vocabulary and short conversations using songs, games and movies. Come and join us for a fun and relaxing time together.
Instructor: Arlin Baymus

Learn Spanish through Acting
¡Que bueno! ¡Que chulo! ¡Que chévere! ¡Que padre! This class is for the non-actor interested in learning Spanish, where the learning is made more fun through acting! Participants will guide the instruction and will practice through scene work. It’s fun and effective, and good for any level from beginner to advanced. Please note this is not an acting class; the focus is on learning and practicing Spanish.
Instructor: Yvette-Janine Pardo

Music for Wellness
Research shows that music can help us maintain balance and health. This series will take an in-depth look at how music can be used to sustain and promote wellness, both physically and mentally. Participants will explore the latest research on how music affects our brains and bodies, and will engage firsthand in music and creative arts experiences to put the research into action! From music-making to songwriting to music-assisted relaxation, students are guaranteed to learn ways to incorporate music and all its benefits into their everyday lives. No previous musical training is required!

Instructor: Elaine Chen & Alaina Hogue

Play Bridge
Find out why bridge is one of the most popular card games in America. Have fun playing organized bridge with players of all experience levels. $5 entry fee is payable at the door.
Instructor: Claudia Elmes

Shoot Great Photos With Your Smartphone
Learn to capture better photos with your smartphone! This two-day class begins with the basic features of your smartphone camera, and then you’ll learn about some easy-to-use photo editing apps available for download. (App prices range from free to about $5.99.) We’ll also discuss lighting and photo composition. Using the techniques learned at the first class meeting, you will be given an assignment to shoot photos to be discussed during the second class meeting. We’ll wrap up the class by discussing composition in greater depth.
Instructor: Lynne Eodice is a photographer, writer and instructor who has done free-lance work for Photographer’s Forum magazine, the San Marino Tribune, Petersen’s PHOTOgraphic and Digital Photographer. She is also the author of a how-to book on photography called “Photos That Inspire: Photoworkshop”. She has taught photography at several venues, including the Pasadena Senior Center.

Beginning Watercolor II
This class is a continuation of Beginning Watercolor I and is designed for the beginner or those who have very little experience painting watercolors. You will continue learning how to use the watercolor paint, brushes and paper with exercises that strengthen your skill. Composition, color mixing and how to create a painting will be our focus. Join us in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Teaching is done by demonstration and personal instruction. NOTE: Class is limited to 14 students.
Instructor: Barbara Medford

Watercolor Magic
In this session we will continue to strengthen your watercolor and compositional skills. You will be encouraged to simplify, dramatize, self-critique and explore new watercolor techniques used to create exciting paintings. You will be among other friendly, encouraging artists. Teaching is done by demos, video and individual instruction. NOT FOR BEGINNERS. This course is designed for advanced and intermediate watercolorists. NOTE: Class is limited to 16 students.
Instructor: Barbara Medford

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