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Masters Series, an adult education program of the Pasadena Senior Center, is designed to increase understanding of national and international issues, the arts, other cultures, the community, and the individual. With a focus on “understanding,” courses are presented by local university faculty and experts. Each term provides a wonderful opportunity for learning and discussion.

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January 29

Portrait Blank

January 29

Movie Palaces

Once you have mesmerizing movies with glamorous stars, you need fabulous places to show them. Thus, the movie palace was born. Downtown Los Angeles’ Broadway Historic Theatre and Commercial District boasts a dozen magnificent theatres designed to be as beautiful and alluring and the movies shown on their screens. Learn about the history and future of these unique sites.

Edward Kelsey - President and Founder of Historic Building Services, Inc.

February 5

Cari Beauchamp

February 5

The Rise and Fall of Women in Hollywood

In the early years of Hollywood, women were not only highly paid stars with good roles but writers and producers with power in the industry. Suddenly, it all disappeared. Film historian and writer Cari Beauchamp will explain what happened and how it still influences today’s film industry.

Cari Beauchamp - Award Winning Author, Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker

February 12

Portrait Blank

February 12

Politics and Popular Culture in the Movies

How do movies reflect our politics or try to influence current politics? How much do they influence what happens in our society? Dana Marterella will look at the more serious side of the movies and how filmmakers’ viewpoints and current social trends influence the entertainment we see on screen.

Dana Marterella - Lecturer at Glendale Community College, Interface of Politics and Popular Culture

February 19

Jared Cowan

February 19

On Location in Pasadena

What do Beverly Hills Cop, Back to the Future, Transformers, and La La Land have in common? All had scenes shot in Pasadena. Jared Cowan will lead the audience through clips and photos of the familiar places in our fair city that we may not have recognized in famous movies.

Jared Cowan - Photographer and Writer

February 26

Hugh Munro Neely

February 26

Saving Hollywood’s Lost Treasures

Like extinct animals that we only know through drawings and photographs, many great films of the silent era have been lost, with no known prints to exist. Like Indiana Jones searching for the Lost Ark, film historian Hugh Munro Neeley follows leads around the world and searches the vaults of foreign archives to bring back films thought to be lost.

Hugh Munro Neely - Film Preservationist, Historian and Documentary Director


Whole Series: $105
Individual Lecture: $15


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