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What is PSC's Vision

OUR VISION: Helping older adults engage, enrich and empower their lives.

OUR MISSION: Improving the lives of older adults through caring service with opportunities for social interaction, recreation, basic support and needs services, education, volunteerism and community activism.

Who is served by the Pasadena Senior Center? Where do people come from?

Our service area includes all of Pasadena and surrounding communities. We have several people come from other cities as well throughout the San Gabriel Valley including South Pasadena, Eagle Rock, La Canada, San Marino, San Gabriel, and Alhambra. For our membership, most of our members come from across Pasadena and Altadena and are more or less evenly spread out between zip codes 91101, 91103, 91104, 91105, 91106, 91107 and 91001.

How does PSC “communicate” with the community?
We communicate with the community through a variety of media. We have a dedicated Facebook page, and are on Twitter, Pintrest, and Instagram. We produce a quarterly magazine called Passport – Your passport to #AgeWell. It is emailed to our membership and posted on our website. It is also sold for $1 for a hard copy at the Welcome Desk for those who prefer it in print. We produce, print and mail a supplement to Passport eight times a year highlighting the events of the coming month. We produce op-eds and press releases that highlight the latest happenings at the Senior Center. And we have myriad partnerships in the community through which we share programming.
Where can i park my car if i come to the Pasadena Senior Center?

There are four options for parking your car.

  • Meters around the Center are free before 11:00 a.m.
  • We have a parking lot on the East side of the Center.
  • At 171 N Raymond Ave. Public Parking Park and Walk. You must bring your parking ticket for validation at the Welcome Desk.
How is the senior center funded?
The Pasadena Senior Center is actually a donor supported nonprofit organization. The most common misperception is that the Pasadena Senior Center is funded by the City of Pasadena. While our operating funds come from our members, fees for services we rely mostly on the generosity of individual, foundation and corporate donors and the income produced by planned gifts received by the Center. While the Center contracts with the City to occupy the building, there are no operating funds provided by the city, county or state.
Who are the partners of the Pasadena Senior Center?
We partner with a great number of nonprofits and community-based organizations throughout the San Gabriel Valley and beyond, including but not limited to: Huntington Hospital, the HEAR Center, YWCA San Gabriel Valley’s Intervale Program, Pacific Clinics, the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank, the Braille Institute, HICAP (the Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program), Good Times, Travel, MUSE/IQUE, LA Opera and AARP. We provide free classes at the Jackie Robinson Center, Villa Parke and Victory Park.
Is there a membership fee?
Yes, there is a membership fee ($45/year) and a separate membership fee for the Sy Graff Fitness Center ($90/year). The member is then eligible to participate in our fee-based classes and the Masters Series program at a reduced price. We have many free activities including our social service programs that do not require one to be a member.
Who are your volunteers? Where do they come from?

Our Volunteer Program consists of a wide and diverse group of participants. These individuals primarily volunteer on site at the Center working at the Welcome Desk, Coffee Bar, Library, daily lunch service, teaching classes, and leading social clubs, as well as helping with numerous events. Our volunteer pool consists of the following:

  • Class instructors
  • Highs school students
  • City college and university students
  • Senior center members
  • Stay at home parents
  • Employees from local corporations
  • New retirees
  • National Charity League mothers and daughters
How is the Pasadena Senior Center Resource Guide distributed?
The Community Resource Guide is available here at the Center and is also distributed at various community organizations such as Villa Parke, Jackie Robinson, Pilgrim Tower East and North, and the Green Hotel.
What is the role of the Pasadena Senior Center Board of Directors?

The Board of the Pasadena Senior Center shall:

  1. Determine the mission of the Pasadena Senior Center, set policies for its operation, plan and establish its general course from year to year as well as for the long term, including identifying the constituents to be served by the Center.
  2. Determine which programs are consistent with the mission of the Center and monitor their effectiveness, as well as strengthening programs and services.
  3. Establish fiscal policies and limits, including budgets and financial controls; asset protection policies; management of investments and financial oversight.
  4. Provide adequate resources for the operation of the Pasadena Senior Center through direct financial contributions and active fundraising.
  5. Select, evaluate and, if necessary, terminate the Executive Director and exercise approval rights over the size of his/her staff.
  6. Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability.
  7. Act as a primary communication link with the community, enhancing the Center’s public standing.

8 Myths About the Pasadena Senior Center

You have to be really old to participate


Some fear that they will age 10 years just by walking through the door, but you only have to be 50 years of age to join!

Many of our Social Services are used by younger family members caring for an older adult.

You can live at PSC


While you can’t live at PSC, many of our 2,100 members feel they are part of the PSC family. They celebrate all major holidays at PSC, as well as their birthday each year.

We operate 362 days a year providing programs that maintain the dignity of older adults while encouraging them to #AgeWell.

PSC is run by the City of Pasadena


The Center is not run by or funded by the City of Pasadena - the City only provides the building and utilities.

PSC is an independent, donor-supported nonprofit! PSC is run by staff and volunteers and funded by individuals, corporations and foundations who believe in PSC’s mission.

PSC is members-only


We have over 15 different Social Service programs available to the general public and many open community events such as our summer concerts, the #AgeWell Conference, and Senior Games. Membership is not required!

Members gain access to special clubs, activities, discount pricing on classes and the Masters Series lectures, and more. Members can also sign up for the Fitness Center separately!

You have to live in Pasadena to participate


PSC serves more older adults throughout the San Gabriel Valley than any organization, providing more than 80,000 units of service each year!

Our online programs are also available beyond the San Gabriel Valley to anyone who registers to receive the Zoom link.

Parking is impossible in Old Town Pasadena


We have validated parking in a 5 story structure on Arroyo Pkwy and Holly Street.

There is free metered parking on the street for anyone with a Handicap plaque.

We also have free parking on the East side of our building throughout operating hours!

There isn’t much to do at PSC


You won’t be parked in front of a TV and bored at PSC... the Center offers over 30+ different classes, as well as:

  • Monthly day trips to explore the surrounding area
  • More than 13 weekly clubs and activities

PSC offers a wealth of variety and activities for all its members.

PSC is racially homogenous


In addition to a racially diverse staff and membership, PSC has several member-organized clubs to support and celebrate the many ethnicities in the community.

The Center also celebrates holidays that matter to its community, such as Black History Month, Chinese New Year, and Cinco de Mayo!