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Fitness Center

The Fitness Center enjoys the patronage of over 400 members. The facility is available to all members. Participating members enjoy the Fitness Center very much and appreciate the support the Senior Center Management provides. The Fitness Center is well equipped with all new equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent cycles, exercise balls, an upright cycle, stepper, leg press, chest press, hoist flat, abdominal machine, ab bench, free weights and more facilitating exercise of all major groups.

In broader terms, the Center has machines for Cardio exercises and also for Strength (or Resistance) training. It has a separate room for free weights which include dumbbells of different weights, 5 ft Barbell with weights, incline bench, flat bench, exercise balls and elastic bands.


  1. Treadmills: The Fitness Room has four new state of the Art treadmills which the user can program to meet his or her needs. They are equipped with heart rate monitoring sensors.
  2. Elliptical/Cross country: The Center has two machines which are comparable to the latest generation of this type of machines. They too can be programmed and made to monitor heart rate. They are used by members who want to go easy on their knees.
  3. Stationary Bikes: There are three programmable bikes. They include a feature which a member can use to determine his or her level of fitness. The algorithm used is based on the difficulty level and number of revolutions (RPM).
  4. Recumbent Bike: The Center has two new state of the art Recumbent Cross trainers. Recumbent bikes are very widely used in Rehab situation following heart surgery and other major ailments. This is a very popular machine in the Center.


The Fitness center provides machines for full body exercises in that it has all the necessary machines to exercise upper body, lower body and the core. These units of equipment include:

  1. Leg Press: This is a lower body exercise machine that exercises glutes and the legs.
  2. Thigh Machine: This machine facilitates exercise of both inner and outer thigh which involves strengthening adductor and abductor muscles.
  3. Leg Extension: This again is a lower body exercise machine which targets quadriceps (front of thigh).
  4. Leg Curl: This machine targets the hamstring (back of thigh). Our members , when they use Leg Extension, also exercise on Leg curl to have balanced muscles (both front and back of thigh)
  5. Hip: This machine targets hips and provides an effective training for shaping and toning hip muscles.
  6. Multi Push: This is an upper body training machine which targets chest muscles, shoulder muscles and upper back.
  7. Multi Pull: This machine is counterpart to the Multi Push. Here the weight or resistance is pulled which involves a different set of muscles. This machine is used for exercising triceps, biceps, lattissimus dorsi etc.
  8. Abdominal: It is used to exercise abdominal or core muscle.
  9. Back Extension: This is an incline which can be adjusted and provides a platform for toning up lower back as well as abdominal muscle group.
  10. Crunch Bench: It is adjustable to different angles and accords a good platform for exercising core muscles. As said before the Free weight Room is stocked well with dumbbells, barbells. Exercise balls and bands. It also has mats which are used for floor exercises and Stretching.

The Center is well supported by volunteers who go through a well defined routine before they are given independent charge. The Volunteer Captain/ Coordinator is a Certified Personal Trainer who works for about 14 hours a week. In addition, the Center also has a Senior Trainer who conducts training classes on a frequent basis. The senior Trainer has been affiliated with the Center for a long time. Many of the members have taken advantage of these training classes. The Membership Fee is a bargain anywhere. The Center is open seven days a week and is open, at least partially, even on holidays. Our members conduct themselves in a very professional manner, very understanding of the needs of their fellow members and are eager to extend helping hands.