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Our Vision

Helping older adults engage, enrich and empower their lives.

Our Mission

Improving the lives of older adults through caring service with opportunities for social interaction, recreation, basic support and needs services, education, volunteerism and community activism.

Our Values

  • Dignity
    Respecting all who interact with the Center.
  • Diversity
    Embracing diffferences in skills, knowledge, cultural heritage, ethnicity, gender orientation and religion of mature people and their families.
  • Leadership

    Guiding our clients, members and the larger community toward life-long well being.

  • Wisdom
    Drawing from the accumulated wisdom of our clients and members to benefit the larger community.
  • Innovation
    Reaching beyond the commonplace to address diverse interests and needs.
  • Service
    Assisting mature individuals in need of information, housing, caregivers, transportation and various other support.
  • Remembrance

    Honoring the presence and accomplishments of our clients and other older persons in the community, bringing joy, pleasure through education, social events and recreation.