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Art Exhibit

This exhibit is composed of original artwork from the watercolor classes at the Pasadena Senior Center.   The ages of the artists range from 55 to 95 and the  skill level ranges from beginner to advanced level. Many of the paintings are inspired from lessons in the class and all are original work.   Some of the paintings are for sale with a portion of the proceeds dedicated to the Pasadena Senior Center.  If you are interested in buying a painting then you will email me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or the senior center who will forward the inquiry to the artist.  Each artist will handle his own sale.  

During the pandemic we have been conducting zoom classes. It has been important to us to maintain communication with each other as we have become an art family and need to support each other.

We've added computer skills to our painting skills with the computer being the more challenging at times. As the teacher, I have noticed the courage it has taken for many of the students to stay motivated and keep painting. These are very special and talented artists and I am very proud of the work presented in this exhibit. There is a special category for the pandemic inspired paintings which we hope you enjoy--some describe the situation and some bring hopeful messages.

Since we cannot hold an in-house reception this year we would love to hear comments from the public. Let us know what you think about the exhibit--it will boost the spirit of the students.

Barbara Medford, Watercolor Teacher
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Abstract "Big Bang" Vicky Menitez

  • Abstract "Descending Darkness" Heide Carney

  • Abstract "Emergence" Lea Bermudez

  • Abstract "Escape From Here To There" Heide Carney

  • Abstract "Mothers Take A Play Break" Virginia Merriam

  • Abstract "Ochestrate" Jae Kwon

  • Abstract "Plain And Fancy" Helen Pontarelli

  • Abstract "Redone" Paulette Lay

  • Animal "Domino" Linda Lasley

  • Animal "Jaguar In The Jungle" Elena Piedra

  • Cityscape "Oxford England Revisited" Marilyn Dabner

  • Collage "At The Circus With Toulouse" Lea Bermudez

  • Collage "Bunny Friend" Marilyn Dabner

  • Collage "Mystical Princes" Linda Toussaint

  • Collage "New York Collage" Elena Piedra

  • Collage "Waterfall" Heide Carney

  • Collage "Winter Chill" Shaun Apffel

  • Flora "Delicious" Anne Wilcoxen

  • Floral "Invitation" Jae Kwon

  • Floral "Love Blooms" Joan Elardo

  • Floral "Peaches Marilyn" Dabner

  • Floral "Spring Bloom" Norm Haynes

  • Floral "Sunny Woods" Louise Ghandhi

  • Floral "Tropical Blues Flowers" Elena Piedra

  • Landscape "A Tree Alone" Jane Sattari

  • Landscape "Aftermath Beachie Creek Oregon" Virginia Merriam

  • Landscape "Autumn Trees" Carol Pinola

  • Landscape "Blazing Forest" Carol Pinola

  • Landscape "Faerie Grotto" Helen Pontarelli

  • Landscape "Fantasy Forest" Bill Walter

  • Landscape "Jungle Village" Norm Haynes

  • Landscape "Lake Como Italy" Jerri Su

  • Landscape "Later Afternoon" Helen Pontarelli

  • Landscape "Morning Light Eastern Sierra" Jane Levy

  • Landscape "Peaceful Afternoon" Vicky Benitez

  • Landscape "Pelicans Over The Wave" Christine Celata

  • Landscape "Snow Moon" Anne Wilcoxen

  • Landscape "The Big Wave" Jane Levy

  • Landscape "Venice Morning" Louise Ghandhi

  • Landscape "Walk In The Woods Altadena" Virginia Merriam

  • Landscape "Wetland Glow" Shaun Apffel

  • Landscape "Windmills At Dusk" Jane Levy

  • Landscape "Yangtze River Driver" Anne Wilcoxen

  • People Animals "African Woman With Baby" Lea Bermudez

  • People Animals "Afternoon With A Friend" Shaun Apffel

  • People Animals "Colorado Powder" Bill Walter

  • People Animals "Cranes In Flight" Bill Walters

  • People Animals "Desert Sunrise" Jane Sattari

  • People Animals "Mike And Dani" Christine Celata

  • People Animals "Nancy And Ray" Christine Celata

  • People Animals "Silhouettes" Jane Sattari

  • People Collage "All Thats Beautiful Drifts Away Like The Waters" Joan Elardo

  • People "All Dressed Up Nowhere To Go" Jerri Su

  • People "For There Is Always Light" Joan Elardo

  • People "Masked Painters" Jae Kwon

  • Portrait "In The Wilderness" Louise Ghandhi

  • Seascape "Point Lobos" Norm Haynes

  • Still Life "Blue Vase" Carol Pinola

  • Still Life "September Cauliflower" Georgianna Erskine

  • Still Life "Shakespeare's Apple" Georgianna Erskine

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