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Ballroom Dancing - Levels 1 & 2

Instructor: Tony Plasil
Students will learn the basic patterns and character of the most popular ballroom dances, as well as how to recognize the music. They will learn the basics of leading and following and develop timing and rhythm. At the end of this series of classes, students should feel comfortable dancing through an entire song at parties and weddings.

Ballroom Line Dancing

Instructor: Tony Plasil
Seniors love Ballroom Line Dancing because it is fun, easy to learn and they can dance to all the beautiful ballroom music without a partner. “Ballroom line dancing” is line dancing with a twist. Students will learn the basic steps of many ballroom dances (e.g., Foxtrot, Cha Cha, etc.) in a line dance format. Students will also learn the most popular line dances such as “New York New York,” “Mambo 5,” “Electric Slide,” and others. Students will learn the basic patterns and character of each dance, as well as how to recognize the music. At the end of each class, students should feel comfortable dancing through an entire song at dance parties and weddings.

BollyX Low Impact, Dance Cardio Class (Zoom on Wednesday)

Instructor: Richa Jauhari
BollyX is a Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program that combines dynamic choreography with the hottest music from around the world. The 50-minute cardio workout cycles between higher and lower-intensity dance sequences to get you moving, sweating, and motivated all at the same time. At the very core of a BollyX workout is the inspiration it draws from the music and dance of Bollywood, the film industry of India. The BollyX Low Impact program has all the same energy and swag as the original BollyX format but without high impact dance movements. This format was designed for individuals who love to dance and prefer or need low impact choreography. No prior dance experience is required—just a positive attitude! Improve your coordination and mind-body awareness, and come join us on the “movie set” as you unleash your inner rock star low impact-style.


Instructor: Pam Kay
This is a fun class that starts with a 5-minute tap warmup and stretch. Then we continue with some choreographed routines for performance or just for fun. We use all kinds of music like pop, jazz, Broadway, or whatever you like. We also do old standard tap routines like the Shim Sham Shimmy.

Zumba Gold Dance Fitness

Instructor: Hector Ramirez
Zumba Gold is a fitness program designed to take the exciting Latin and international dance rhythms of Zumba and bring them to the active older adult. This exhilarating program is so easy to follow that people of any age can enjoy it.

Exercise & Fitness

Chair Aerobics (Hybrid)

Instructor: Donna Reese
This course offers a combination of low-impact and chair aerobics and the use of weights. Participants will tone their muscles and increase flexibility.

Chair Pilates and Stretching

Instructor: Hector Ramirez
Join us for this full body Pilates workout. All exercises are performed in a seated position and are perfect for seniors and beginners. This class focuses on improving posture, core strengthening, and stretching.

Pep Up Your Life (Zoom)

Instructor: Donald Milares
Designed to improve strength, balance and flexibility, this introductory level class will improve the way you feel about your health and body, while increasing muscle mass and bone density. Participants work at their own pace and within their own comfort range.

Qigong and Tai Chi

Instructor: Chris Tucker
This class combines the basic concept and theory of chi and chi movement to enhance your physical and spiritual well-being and increase your youthful vitality and longevity. You will learn the eight-section brocade and 25 step short form. In addition to this, you will be introduced to the 105 step long form. This class helps improve blood flow, reduces stress and hypertension, and lowers the heart rate and blood pressure. Strength and balance are improved and increased through the slow, fluid movements, which are often referred to as meditation in motion.

Strength Training (Zoom)

Instructor: Leslie Lollar
Learn how to strengthen your body without access to workout machines. This virtual strength class uses free weights, bands, ankle weights, or anything you can use around your house to create resistance. Every large muscle group in the body will experience resistance to promote muscle building in the comfort of your home.


Instructor: Margie Rosenblum
Yoga is valuable for everyone: the young, the old, beginners, and advanced practitioners. Each student proceeds at his or her own pace. Yoga’s emphasis is on the precise alignment of the body in the asanas (poses) and the careful sequencing and timing of the asanas.

Yoga and Presence Practice

Instructor: Avry Budka
Join us for a practical yet fun blend of yoga and meditation—movement and awareness. These ancient practices designed to bring balance, strength; flexibility and mindfulness are still appropriate and available to us all today. Create unity of mind, body and spirit! Learn to breathe properly and work at your own level.

Hobbies & Special Interests

The Art & Joy of Sewing (Limit 14)

Instructor: Cate Shaffer-Shelby
Learn to sew or enhance your existing sewing skills! Both beginning and advanced students are welcome. As we navigate the current safety and distancing requirements. Instructor Cate Shaffer-Shelby will teach all levels of sewing in this class. You will learn the basic techniques of sewing, ranging from taking proper measurements, understanding fabrics, working with patterns, cutting the garment/project, threading & operating a sewing machine, as well as basic garment construction techniques. For those without sewing machines, we have several machines and other sewing tools available for use when in the class. Students are responsible for supplying their own fabrics & sewing notions/supplies. This class is limited to 14.

French I

Instructor: Teresa Cortey
An introduction to French for those who are completely new to the language or who have forgotten their previous study of it. Touristic expressions, a general presentation of grammatical structure, and the present tense will be covered. Naturally, as language and culture are inseparable, the class will have wider than a linguistic focus. Hopefully, this class will provide a non-stressful but meaningful new dimension for everyone—a gateway to another culture and a new means of self-expression.

French II

Instructor: Teresa Cortey
Continued grammar and vocabulary building and, specifically, introduction to the subjunctive as well as more in-depth study of more elementary grammar. Naturally, as language and culture are inseparable, the class will have wider than a linguistic focus. Individual presentations, suggested, but not required, will be encouraged, and some introduction to literature provided. Songs will be studied for their linguistic value as well as their potential for musical appreciation.

French III

Instructor: Teresa Cortey
Continued vocabulary building, practice in communication, and, specifically, the subjunctive mood will be emphasized and an introduction to the literary tenses made. The focus of the class will naturally be cultural as well as linguistic. Some poems and one short story, and study of songs for their linguistic value will be included. Individual presentations will be encouraged, though not required.

French IV

Instructor: Teresa Cortey
Continued practice in communication, vocabulary building, study of the literary tenses, more short stories or poems, songs considered for their linguistic value and voluntary student presentations will be included. The focus of the class will naturally be cultural, and literary as well as linguistic.

French V

Instructor: Teresa Cortey
Intensive review of major grammatical concepts, increased practice in communication, more exploration of literature. Individual presentations encouraged but not required; songs introduced for their linguistic value. As always, the focus of the class will be cultural and literary as well as linguistic.

"Let Us Play" Improv

Instructors: Mark and Ilona Jennings
Join us for a playful, participatory class of theater and improv games designed to unlock creativity, free the imagination, ignite spontaneity, increase mental focus, build confidence, and nurture group connection. Tap into the wells of creativity and spontaneity that reside within us all in a safe, supportive, and warm-hearted atmosphere as we embrace the joy of playing together.

Making Sense of the News (via Zoom)

Instructor: Warren Swil
Join a weekly discussion of topics in the news with a retired journalism professor. Explore why some topics make it on to the front page or onto the evening news while others don’t. What makes something newsworthy? Who decides? Are they always right? The group will monitor major media outlets and go behind the scenes as reporters and editors make the decisions on what to cover, how to cover it and how to present it. Get the inside scoop. Bring your own ideas and toss them into the ring for discussion.


Instructor: Avry Budka
Meditation = Concentration = Equanimity. This ancient equation is the basis of our practice in meditation class. We will gain skills in many different meditation techniques from various lineages as together we train our minds for better focus in order to meet each moment of life in greater awareness, peace and presence. Open to all levels of meditators, from first timers to practiced sitters, because we can all use more tools to learn to rebalance our minds, hearts and lives! Bring an open mind, your natural curiosity and a smile!

Spanish Reading For Beginners

Instructor: Sabrina Peck
This low-stress, fun class is conducted in English and is for anyone who enjoys the puzzle of another language. Do you know no Spanish at all? Or maybe you’ve forgotten what you once learned? Through this class, students will understand written Spanish more and more as the weeks go by. We start out with vocabulary card games for the most common Spanish words. We also discuss words that are similar but not identical in the two languages. Working together, we’ll read short passages and understand the main points. A lending library is available in class, and if students feel ready, they may select their own reading material, including children’s books. Students are encouraged, but not required, to work in teams. The instructor will explain useful grammar points as needed, as well as ideal learning strategies for adults. Along with improving students’ comprehension of written Spanish, the class may help build students’ listening and speaking skills. Another benefit is that students will be part of a welcoming community of language enthusiasts.

Spanish, Introduction

Instructor: Hector Ramirez
Welcome to Spanish! This class will be a fun introduction to greetings, vocabulary, and grammar in a foreign language. Class will be a fun learning experience with a qualified Spanish teacher in which we will share in class discussion and conversation.

Spanish, Intermediate

Instructor: Hector Ramirez
Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. In this intermediate level course, you'll be able to strengthen your grammatical skills to be able to speak, write and read in this second language. Class will touch upon vocabulary with an emphasis on conversation. This class will help you interact with others who have a grasp of the language already.

Watercolor, Advanced (Limit 14)

Instructor: Barbara Medford
This class is designed to enhance your watercolor skills by presenting new subject matter, new techniques and tips to strengthen your composition. We will meet in person and renew the camaraderie we shared before the pandemic restrictions (as long as the covid rates remain in decline.) Teaching will be by demonstration, video and personal instruction. Not For Beginners.

Watercolor, Advanced (Zoom) (Limit 25)

Instructor: Barbara Medford
These 8 weeks zoom class will be a continuation of paint-a-long format as we explore a new painting each week. We will work to strengthen our watercolor skills and composition. Not For Beginners.


Getting to know your iPad and iPhone

Instructor: Peter Matus
Whether you’re new to your iPad or iPhone, or want to learn the different features that your device can offer, then this class is for you. From updating and changing your settings to taking pictures and editing videos, this class is for the everyday user. Bring your own device or borrow one from PSC.

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